6 weeks
15 months


We know it’s hard to leave your baby, and you want to leave them with someone who you know you can trust.  We love our babies here at LSUA Children’s Center and enjoy getting to watch them grow. 

Our infants get lots of love all day long.  They also have a wide variety of engaging materials that allow them to have fun, learn, and grow.  Like the older children, our infants participate in the Frog Street curriculum.  Frog Street-Infants is designed to nurture your baby and provide them with learning opportunities. 

About the Teacher

Karlisha Young

Karlisha, who goes by Karli, has been in the infant room for several years.  She is certified to teach young children with her Child Development Associate.  Ms. Karli has all the patience in the world and she loves her classroom babies as if they are her own.
A few of Ms. Karli’s favorite things are: reading books, eating cookies, and the color blue.