7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.


  • Each child has infinite worth and is unique.
  • A positive self-image is essential to the full development of each child.
  • A child learns to accept themselves by being accepted; a child learns to love by being loved.
  • A child develops trust by the constant caring response to their needs by the adults in their lives.
  • Love, joy, wonder, curiosity, love of learning, a sense of humor, and creativity are divine rights of children.
  • It is vital to create a safe, warm, supportive environment where a child’s emotional, social, physical, and cognitive needs are met and development is enriched.
  • Children from diverse backgrounds benefit from interaction with each other.
  • Young children with special needs and their peers benefit from learning together.
  • Children with disabilities learn by participating in a routine program, with structured play activities that are challenging and interesting for young children.


LSUA Children’s Center is an early learning center. We strive to be the best early childhood program there is. Our program is centered around children with an emphasis on reach-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum following guidelines established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Our teachers use song, finger-play, and structured play through centers in order to teach young children. A variety of manipulatives, materials, and books are used to engage students. Teachers use the student’s structured playtime to expand the student’s vocabulary, connect what they’re learning in school to real-life experiences, as well as help children establish positive social-emotional skills.

We use Frog Street, which is a researched-based curriculum, that provides students with a comprehensive foundation for learning. Frog Street utilizes a social-emotional program called Conscious Discipline that helps children develop healthy social-emotional skills. LSUA Children’s Center focuses on the wellness of the whole child: mind, body, and soul.


  • Sarah Corley
  • Peggy Kidder
    Assistant Teacher
  • Maddison Kidder
    Program Coordinator
  • Harriet Williams
  • Madison Bourge
  • Sage Wiles
    Assistant Teacher
  • Zaria Shepherd
  • Aliyah Robertson
    Assistant Teacher
  • Samyra Vasquez
    Assistant Teacher


  • LSUA Children’s Center is a blessing for me.  I started working for the school district in July, but with the pandemic, it was very hard to find childcare.  Someone recommended LSUA Children’s Center to me, and I immediately called and got my son registered.  Since then, everyone has been amazing!  I always know that my son is taken care of: he is well-fed, I know when he has been dropped off and picked up, and he was even potty-trained within a week of being there…something I had been trying to do for three months!  I love that the Children’s Center uses a curriculum that gets my child school-ready, while also focusing on skills such as controlling temper tantrums by using breathing techniques and learning good manners, and how to share.  The staff at LSUA Children’s Center is very informative and affectionate, and I am blessed to have my son enrolled there.
    Lizbeth L.
  • After touring LSUA Children’s Center with our 12-week-old, we knew right away that it was the place for us.  The staff was so welcoming, friendly, and caring during our visit.  They have continued to be for the past 2.5 years and have become family to us!  We now have our almost-3-year old and newest addition enrolled there.  LSUA Children’s Center truly cares for their students and families, and it is a place where everyone feels welcomed and loved.
    Amber D.
  • I considered not going back to college, because I was nervous to send my kids to daycare (especially my son whom I was breastfeeding at the time).  However, two weeks before school started I decided to take a tour; I filled out the paperwork that same day and have been here ever since!  When we lived in Virginia we used an in-home provider, but I prefer the structure that LSUA Children’s Center provides.  My daughter started here when she was two years old; she had delayed speech and was not very social. The staff is incredible! Mrs. Danette (Toddler II) was able to help her grow in so many ways, and she was fully prepared to transition into Mrs. Angie’s (Preschool) room, where she has continued to flourish. Since I am in school it is also convenient to have them on campus, especially while I was breastfeeding my son. I could come over and feed him, which was a big bonus as I did not want to have to stop breastfeeding him. I always recommend LSUA Children’s Center!
    Angel L.